From 2nd till 8th April 2017 12 adult learners took part in the mobility in Сitta di Castello, Italy.


The programme was organized and hosted by the Italian partner Sintagmi srl. The main aim of this mobility was similar to the aim of the first international mobility for adult learners in the project - to offer the participants unique personal learning experience and take them through in-depth reflective practice while testing adjusted reflection tools.

The programme started in Italy, before the mobility itself, at the local level by identifying learning needs and personal learning objectives of the participants, their field of professional interest, and type of preparation needed for successful participation in the mobility.

The on-site programme in Citta di Castello started with self-presentation, introduction to the program, and Italian crash course. Then, under the guidance pf Paola Conti from Sintagmi srl, the whole group practiced reflection tools for health/stress management applied at the training course with patients of Citta di Catello Hospital.

The first part of the mobility finished with the preparation for 3-day-long job shadowing. Each participant had a chance to job shadow professionals in the field of their professional interest and according to their personal learning objectives. The group of participants of this mobility were also very diverse in terms of age, language, education, cultural, and professional background. There were doctors, workers of regional development agency, financial and accounting analysts, textile engineers, students pursuing education at the school for adults, accountants, event organizers, and participants with an interest to social councelling.

Involving a big number of different local partners, Sintagmi srl organized job-shadowing in the following places: Acupunctur and TCM center, SO Bufalini, S.Filippo school, Il Flauto magico, Socio Rehabilitation Center for disabled adults "Magic Flute", Laboratori Biokyma S.r.l., cohabitation units - psychiatric care Villa Igea (Casa rosa), 3A-PTA Agricoltura, Alimentazione, Ambiente (Parco tecnologico agroalimentare Umbria), Aboca SPA, Social Factory – Maccarello.

Reflection was conducted throughout the whole learning programme with the help of learning diaries, a reflection tool in the distant perspective, metaphorical cards, body-mind reflection tools, letter to my future self.

The mobility programme finished with group reflection on acquired and developed competence, evaluation and summing up.



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