We offer a variety of informative and developmental programs in Estonia and in other countries in cooperation with vocational schools, target institutions, businesses, and non-profit associations.

Examples of our programs:

Career planning

The learning objective: improving young peoples' opportunities for self-realisation, creating a positive attitude towards achieving their goals and lifelong learning, orientation to awareness of their responsibility for development of their lives, and independent decision-making.


Students’ educational programme in Tartu (1 week). Topic - ecology and environmental changes

The goal of the programme: development of students' knowledge in the sphere of ecology and modern technologies, increasing students’ awareness and responsibility in the sphere of environmental protection at personal level in everyday situations, discussing the topic of climate changes, introduction to ecologically clean food, and development of awareness in the choice of healthy lifestyle. 


Educational module and practice in the sphere of entrepreneurship and organisation of small-scale business

The objective: introduction to development of entrepreneurship in Estonia, self-analysis as a potential entrepreneur, and working out a business idea. Students of different specialties who think of establishing their own company can participate in the program.


Program for students in the field of tourism organisation

In the frames of the program, students get to know examples of rural, medical, domestic, and industrial tourism.


Advanced learning programmes for teachers

We offer educational programs for teachers in Estonia:

  • Modern tendencies and learning support in the field of adult education
  • E-learning
  • Using active learning methods to increase students’ motivation and create favourable learning atmosphere in the group
  • Outdoor learning methods
  • Writing projects


Program for employees of medical institutions

Depending on the specifics of the group, we will introduce you to hospitals, clinics, medical educational centres, recovery period opportunities, social institutions, and so on.


The content of all programs, duration, price, additional opportunities, and options can be discussed and adapted to your needs and wishes. Participants get certificates from the learning centre Vestifex.



We are supported by:

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